2019 over and out

It’s that reflective time again – New Year’s Eve tomorrow, caught between the long sigh of the end of another year and the deep intake of breath before the next. For a number of reasons I feel more anxious this time. It’s the beginning of a new decade after all and edging towards our first year back here in Birmingham. And this previous decade has, as it will have for everyone, brought umpteen highlights, challenges and turning points that have shaped my present; the most precious highlight – the birth of my second son, the greatest challenge – juggling a demanding career with motherhood to two, the most distinct turning point – relocating from London to Birmingham.

Reflecting on the career bit, over the last 10 years I’ve worked so damn hard. Three major exhibitions & three publications stand out as my main outputs and that I’m really proud to have worked on. Yet in between those, there were several smaller exhibitions, tons of articles, heaps of digitisation, countless proposed acquisitions, plenty of excel spreadsheets and consistent in depth research. For all these I am also immensely proud and rewarded.

So going forward, 9 months after moving, I’m continuing to re-establish myself. I’ve seen the end of the year out continuing to work with Argentea Gallery, enjoying contributing to the opening of the new print room and meeting with several prospective photographers, two of whom have long been on the list to meet with.

I’ve bought myself a second-hand camera – my first large format. I’d had my eye on an Intrepid, but had talked my way out of it – namely cost. But then one for sale jumped into my Twitter feed and wouldn’t go away – so it’s now mine. I have big ambitions for it, and me, this New Year. It’s got to get off my sideboard and outside for starters. Down to Sutton Park to tackle this project of mine in a new way. It’s my hope that I can re-educate myself in all the technicalities I’ve left behind since graduating. Let’s see.

It’s a strange thing being ‘independent’ in work. I’m eager to see what unfolds this coming year. One thing that has been burning away in the background is going to go public in a couple of months and I’m proper excited to get the news out there. All in all, 2020 will without doubt be as eventful as the 2010s (or whatever I’m meant to call them).

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