Six months in

Marking six months since leaving London, I’m catching up with myself and reflecting on photographic activity to date. I’ve been involved in two very different exhibitions so far at Argentea Gallery; Gwen Wilkinson’s cyanotypes and currently colour photographs of Uyghur Muslim shrines in Western China by Lisa Ross. It’s been very enjoyable to assist the hang and marketing for both these shows. Carving out the future programme for 2020 is equally rewarding, meeting with photographers and reviewing their work. Exciting imagery lies ahead here.

I’ve loved having several days exploring my personal photography project, walking miles within Sutton Park to develop my thoughts and visual plans here. There is so much scope, weaving together several areas of research and I’m really enthused to press on with this through the coming seasons. I hope to include historical photographic research into the park too, seeing where this takes me visually.

On October 18th I’ll be chairing a conversation between myself and Anders Petersen at The Photographers’ Gallery. So planning for this is underway.

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